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Why Outsource Your Logistics Needs?

When in house logistics fall short.

While there are many reasons to outsource your logistics needs. The main reason is a drag on resources. While it may seem cost effective to source your own drivers and keep your logistics needs in house, it is important to think about cost of hiring, insurances, and ultimately headaches.

Put simply if you do not make money transporting goods your resources are better spent on operations that are related to your primary business. Using Medlab Logisitics for all your shipping needs allows you and your team to focus on your primary business goals.

Responsibility: Anytime you can outsource a task efficiently your business is at an advantage. Not only does Medlab Logistics do the screening and hiring of all company drivers, we have a dedicated fleet of vehicles for the delivery of all things medical. We are familiar with hospital and lab protocols and have fine tuned our courier service for over 20 years.

We work closely with our vendors to ensure our deliveries are specific to the clients needs. We work with various companies throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Our drivers are able to tender at the airport and are familiar with area hospitals, labs, and warehouses. We service South Eastern PA, Delaware, South New Jersey delivering anywhere in the USA or Canada.

Our management and dispatch team are seasoned professionals. Due to the fact that we focus on medical and life science transportation, our dispatchers and drivers are trained to understand the sensitive nature of our business and the responsibility we have to our clients for attention to detail. We are held to a higher standard than a traditional courier company and we thrive in that environment.

We truly believe : "It's more than a package, it's a life".