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Expedited Shipping is the New Normal

Looking Past Covid - Customer Expectations

Here at Medlab we are poised to usher in a new era of shipping needs. We have always focused on high priority express shipping, but it seems now the expectation of same day shipping is seen in every arena. Whether you are shipping time critical surgery tools, organs for transplant or paper towels for your office or home.

Everyone wants instant satisfaction and have come to expect it. With companies struggling to keep up with the increasing demand of business and consumer expectations,  Medlab has not had to adjust to this learning curve. We have been shipping same day, critical packages for over 20 years and utilizing EDI and Auto Entry software for over 13 years which minimizes human error, and makes our processes standard across all shipment types. 

Our young dispatch team thrives under pressure and enjoy the challenge of making even the tightest deadlines possilbe. We are a midsized company that is positioned to make every client a number one prioriy, and experienced enough to know what the client expects. We are honest about achieving deadlines and make it a priority to keep our clients updated at every stage of delivery. 

Utilizing online portals, automatic email generation, auto order entry, API's, EDI's, and driver applications we are able to keep our clients same day shipping deadlines and customer support at the highest level possible. 

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