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Using a Local vs National Carrier Service

Shipping Needs

When evaluating your shipping needs you have a multitude of options. Outlining the parameters such as deadlines, service type, and budget will help customize a shipping solution. While certain deliveries can be handled by an overnight service like UPS or FedEx, some deliveries, especially medical and lab related require a higher level of service. For shipments that require same day dedicated service you have your choice between a national carrier or a local carrier.

National Carrier

A national carrier is a same day shipping service that provides a interconnected network of carriers in multiple states. If you are in need of multiple drivers in multiple cities, or next flight out options, then a national carrier is the logical choice. If you have multiple locations across the United States the aspect of using one carrier for all your shipping needs is a great business decision. This however comes at a cost, as national vendors are coordinating with smaller local carriers to implement the service. Essentially you are paying a fee for the added convenience of working with one national shipping company for all your shipping needs.

Local Carrier

However, there are times when using a local carrier option is a better business solution. At Medlab Logistics we work with National Carriers as their PA, DE, and NJ vendor, but we also work with local companies that do not have a need for national shipping coverage or airport deliveries. Specifically if your shipping needs are locally based or drive only, then hiring Medlab directly is a more cost effective option.

Choose Medlab

At Medlab you will have a dedicated team of dispatchers and drivers who are familiar with the exact nature of your shipments. Because we work with local and national businesses our background screening, testing, and insurances are industry standard. Working directly with Medlab Logistics offers a higher level of customization and customer service.