• Last Mile and Third Party Logistics Services

    It's in the name. Specializing exclusively in medical and life science transportation has allowed us to zero in on the very specific needs of our clients. Don't trust your precious cargo to a "jack of all trades, master of none" courier service, trust the specialists. Servicing South Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Southern New Jersey and delivering anywhere in the US and Canada.

  • 24/7/365, delivering a full range of logistics services to our clients


    Full service 24/7 dispatch center and on demand / routed medical courier


    TSA Compliant Dispatchers and Driving Force


    Hospital, clinic, warehouse, airport pickup and deliveries of organs for transplant, laboratory specimens, blood, pharma, and surgical instruments.


    Airport pickup and next flight out

    White Glove Courier Service

    Short term storage


    Philadelphia Third Party Medical Courier Delivery Service

    Dispatch Center

    Our highly trained dispatch call center provides diligent communication necessary to ensure your same day packages are delivered on time and special instructions are followed at every turn. On demand, hot shot, routed, white glove.

    Philadelphia Same Day Medical Courier Delivery Service

    Last Mile

    Rapidly and protective same day delivery of life-saving organs and tissue, pharmaceuticals, blood, patient care products, and medical devices for transplant, surgical, and diagnostic needs. Familiar with all local hospitals, clinics and various site protocols. White glove service available. TSA Compliant. Same day shipping is our specialty.

    Philadelphia Same Day Medical Courier Delivery Service

    Dangerous Goods

    Our HAZMAT trained drivers will ensure your packages are in compliance with IATA and DOT regulations, and shipped individually via the fastest, safest route.

    Same day delivery and third party logistics.

  • Technology

    If it makes our courier service more efficient we use it, if our client wants it, we get it. Simple.

    Online Track & Trace
    Two Way Data
    E-mail Access
    Bar Code Scanning
    Signature Capture

    EDI access

    Online Order Entry

    GPS access to drivers


    Dash Cams


  • Same Day and Third Party Medical Courier

    MedLab Logistics provides reliable medical delivery service with critical same day and next day rush delivery to and from the Philadelphia, PA area.


    Founded in 2000, MedLab Logistics began with a focus in medical, time-critical shipments which include organs for transplant & research, blood products, surgical instruments, laboratory specimens, and pharmaceuticals. Our dedication to this challenging industry has allowed us to become a top tier medical transportation provider in the Philadelphia area, delivering anywhere in the US and Canada. No request too big or small.


    15+ years with MedLab

    Chief Operations Officer

    15+ years with MedLab

    Operations Manager

    6 years with MedLab

    Dispatch Supervisor

    5 years with MedLab


  • Our Mission

    MedLab Logistics prides itself on the level of service we provide as a premier last mile delivery service. Through the use of proven systems, workflows, and utilizing current transportation technology our mission is to provide our clients with superior service at a superior cost.


    Our experience in rush shipping has allowed us to transition successfully into a wide array of medical shipping services. MedLab Logistics is able to facilitate the shipping of any life science product, with any time constraint.


    The owner started his career in logistics while proudly serving in The United States Guard. This company is a direct reflection of the training acquired and the example of leadership and teamwork seen across all ranks. That team approach has influenced daily operations at MedLab. The owners time in the Coast Guard continues to be an influence on every aspect of how we value the work we do and our commitment to our clients.

    “Semper Paratus”, (Always Ready)


    Trust Medlab Logistics for all your medical shipping and delivery needs.

    Third Party Logistics

    Rush Shipping

    Full Service Courier


  • Serving South Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware

    4009 Market Street
    Aston, PA 19014


    215-938-5904 ext 2

    Serving Wilmington, De and surrounding areas

    3521 Silverside Road STE 2G-2

    Wilmington, De 19810


    215-938-5904 ext 2

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