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  • Last Mile and Third Party Logistics

    Specializing in Same Day Critical Shipping - STAT

    Philadelphia International Airport

    It's in the name. Specializing in medical, research, biopharma, and life science transport has allowed us to zero in on the very specific needs of our clients. Servicing South Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Southern New Jersey and delivering anywhere in the US and Canada. Trust the specialist.


    Cold Chain Shipping Solutions

    We can ship any product with any time constraint

    New client shipments can be set up within minutes and delivered same day.

  • 24/7/365, delivering a full range of logistics services to our clients  

    Full service 24/7 dispatch center and on demand / routed medical courier   

    TSA Compliant Dispatchers and Driving Force 

    Hospital, clinic, warehouse, airport pickup of laboratory samples and specimens , pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, surgical instruments, orthopedic and spine medical device trays, blood product and organs for research.


    Airport Pickup and Next Flight Out

    White Glove Courier Service

    Short Term Storage   

    Pharmaceutical Courier

    First Mile & Last Mile

    Same day delivery of priority shipments - including but not limited to clinical trial logistics, biopharma, cold chain shipments, pharmaceuticals, specimens, and direct to patient. Familiar with local hospitals, clinics and various site protocols. TSA compliant. Temperature

    clinical Trial logistics

    Dispatch Center

    Our highly trained dispatch call center provides diligent communication necessary to ensure your same day packages are delivered on time and special instructions are followed at every turn. On demand, hot shot, routed, white glove. Custom API Auto-Order Entry Templates.

    Cell and gene Therapy

    White Glove - Medical Device Implants and Trays

    Coordinating with clients directly to provide white glove delivery solutions, including but not limited to tote and kit hospital check in procedure, tagging, nurse check in, and on-site coordination of delivery. Differentiating Sterile and Non-Sterile shipments and SPD delivery.

    therapeutics shippers

    Local - Customized Routing

    Providing customized routing solutions for companies outside of the shipping industry. We partner with companies who want to outsource their short and long term shipping needs to a third party or add coverage to existing shipping model.


    **Independent labs, surgical tool vendors, medical device same day service, warehouse pickup and delivery, covid testing centers.

    Airport on Ground Critical Shippers

    Airport on Ground

    Providing same day delivery solutions for aircraft parts. Providing local, first flight out and onboard carrier option for critical deliveries.

  • What sets Medlab Logistics apart?

    Customized Order Entry API!

    What it does?

    Our In-House Order Entry API software scans our clients work emails for important details and special instructions and can even create rules to alter flight times, include flight information, contact, and suite numbers. It then sends the information into a work order that can be dispatched out immediately.

    Why it matters?

    Our system reduces human entry errors and decreases the chance of omitting important shipment details. Our API allows our dispatchers to focus on pickup and delivery protocols, SOP's, and equally as important, client and driver communication.

    How it improves quality of service?

    Our dispatchers are able to focus on learning the in's and out's of our clients work and various protocols for each shipment, following up with drivers, ensuring pictures are taken at both pickup and delivery locations and phone confirmations are made at arrival and departure from each site. The API allows our dispatchers to use vendor portals, email clients, and get phone verification on existing jobs, without missing job details during busier stretches. Even during our busiest volume hours, our dispatch center is calm and quiet.


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  • Courier Center

    Dispatch Call Centers

    Same Day Medical Courier Delivery Service

    Aston Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

    Same Day Medical Courier Delivery Service

    Baltimore Maryland

    Baltimore International Airport (BWI)

  • Our Mission

    MedLab Logistics prides itself on the level of service we provide as a premier last mile delivery service. Through the use of proven systems, workflows, and utilizing current transportation technology our mission is to provide our clients with superior service.
    Our experience in rush shipping has allowed us to transition successfully into a wide array of medical shipping services. MedLab Logistics is able to facilitate the shipping of any life science product, with any time constraint.
    The owner started his career in logistics while proudly serving in The United States Coast Guard. This company is a direct reflection of the training acquired and the example of leadership and teamwork seen across all ranks. That team approach has influenced daily operations at MedLab. The owners time in the Coast Guard continues to be an influence on every aspect of how we value the work we do and our commitment to our clients.
    “Semper Paratus”, (Always Ready)
    Trust Medlab Logistics for all your medical shipping and delivery needs.
    Third Party Logistics
    Rush Shipping
    Full Service Courier

  • Technology

    If it makes our courier service more efficient we use it, if our client wants it, we get it. Simple.

    Online Track & Trace
    Two Way Data
    E-mail Access
    Bar Code Scanning
    Signature Capture

    EDI access

    Online Order Entry

    GPS access to drivers


    Dash Cams


  • Same Day and Third Party Medical Courier

    MedLab Logistics provides reliable medical delivery service with critical same day and next day rush delivery to and from the Philadelphia, PA area.
    Founded in 2000, MedLab Logistics began with a focus in medical, time-critical shipments which include laboratory samples, surgical instruments, blood product, laboratory specimens, pharmaceuticals and organs for research & transplant. Our dedication to this challenging industry has allowed us to become a top tier medical transportation provider in the Philadelphia area, delivering anywhere in the US and Canada. No request too big or small.


    10+ years with MedLab

    Operations Manager

    10 years with MedLab

    Operations Officer

    15+ years with MedLab

    Dispatch Supervisor

    7 years with MedLab

  • Serving the Tri-State and Greater Philadelphia Area

    4009 Market Street
    Aston, PA 19014


    215-938-5904 ext 1

    Serving Wilmington, De and surrounding areas

    3521 Silverside Road STE 2G-2

    Wilmington, De 19810


    215-938-5904 ext 1

  • Logistics Future

    Life Science and Medical Delivery Business Insights

    Here at Medlab we are poised to usher in a new era of shipping needs. We have always focused on high priority express shipping, but it seems now the expectation of same day shipping is seen in every arena. Whether you are shipping time critical surgery tools, organs for transplant or paper towels...
    As a medical only shipping company, specializing in same day delivery of specimens, laboratory samples and organs for transplants, Medlab Logistics understands the importance of timely COVID testing materials. Using Medlab means you will be communicating directly with the dispatching team that...
    Shipping Needs When evaluating your shipping needs you have a multitude of options. Outlining the parameters such as deadlines, service type, and budget will help customize a shipping solution. While certain deliveries can be handled by an overnight service like UPS or FedEx, some deliveries,...
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